Making our homes warm and efficient

We are committed to improving Latch homes by installing high quality insulation during our refurbishments. This means they are warm and affordable to heat and lifts tenants out of fuel poverty, whilst also improving their health and quality of life. Improving insulation is also part of our commitment to reducing the carbon impact of our homes, in line with Government aims for the UK to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Our tenants tell us that even in the middle of Winter they only need the heating on for a few hours to keep the house warm all day. They don’t have any problems with mould or condensation and opening the windows keeps the houses comfortably cool in Summer.

We carry out insulation improvements during refurbishment works where we can to minimise disruption. This involves fitting internal wall insulation made up of a fire and corrosion resistant galvanised frame filled with thick fire-retardant mineral wool. This insulated frame is then boarded with insulated plasterboard with a built-in vapour control layer. We install roof insulation to help prevent heat being lost through the roof and any dormer window structures and we make sure that cellars are draught proofed as much as possible before being insulated with mineral wool and boarded with fire resistant plasterboard.

Old windows are replaced with new double glazed windows and we also install high performance composite external doors. To help prevent condensation and air quality issues, we install extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms that run constantly. We also take action to prevent draughts throughout our properties.
Our approach balances performance, cost, and availability of materials and ease of installation. Latch homes normally achieve between a B and a C on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) after works are completed.

The Latch Refurbishment Team has a wealth of experience in retrofitting insulation in our homes and we are committed to keeping up to date with the latest techniques and products. The team are currently undertaking BRE’s Retrofit Academy course in 2021 and some team members are attending AECB’s Carbonlite retrofit course.

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